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Here Comes Everybody — A TV Show Worth Watching

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Here Comes Everybody is a 30 minute film/video freakout that will shatter your consensus reality into pieces.

Producer, curator and filmmaker, Will Erokan, has a long history of putting together Cable Access shows and this is his latest project.

Erokan said he came up with the idea for the show while strolling near the beautiful L.A. River:

“I had just left a gallery in LA, watching The Caged Pillows… I was trying to locate my wife’s car, which I borrowed to go see the movie… At some point, while wandering aimlessly near the LA River, I had the idea…. I could find artists via Facebook, and build a monthly show.”

It has worked. The monthly show features subversive and experimental films from all over the United States and submissions are growing.

Erokan said HCE serves as a vehicle to bring experimental work into the living rooms of Americans.

“People are used to seeing subversive content on the internet. But TV for the most part is a safe space
controlled by corporations. What I like about Cable Access, is your show works like a trap. The viewer flips through the channels and suddenly they come across something new…”

Here Comes Everybody currently screens in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, but the plan is national reach with Seattle and Olympia coming on board next and Portland and somewhere in Texas on the horizon.

Where to watch

LA36 – Channel 36. Time: Check programming schedule.

Berkeley Community Media – Channel 28 and 33. Time: Check programming schedule.

Follow Here Comes Everybody

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/willerokan

Instagram: @everythingstillapplies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/996401107114143

Submissions: 0-10 minute films, due on the 22nd of every month. Send video link to




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