Here Comes Everybody is a 30 minute film/video freakout that will shatter your consensus reality into pieces. Producer, curator and filmmaker, Will Erokan, has a long history of putting together Cable Access shows and this is his latest project. Erokan said he came up with the idea for the show while strolling near the beautiful L.A. River:

Experimental and avant-garde filmmakers have always had trouble reaching larger audiences due to their work rejecting mainstream tastes and instead reaching for new creative frontiers that tend to confound the average viewer. YouTube is a cesspool of garbage and throwing up an art video on that platform is akin to throwing a quality

Pink Face and Roy demonstrate how to make cost-effective, high-calorie ‘Mush’ using only dollar store food. “This is apropos to the state of quick food culture where cheap pre-packaged meals from the dollar store hardly resemble real food, but rather are simply solid forms glued together with fillers and gums,

Pink Face and Roy teach viewers how to take used clothing and refashion them into designer clothing to reap big profits. Part 2 of three part series. Part 1: Mush – Part 3: Homestead – Pink Face: Kelly Broich Roy: Eli Elliott Writer/Director: Kelly Broich Cinematographer: Brad Kaup Filmed:

Pink Face and Roy teach viewers how to live rent free by claiming public land and building houses built out of materials found at the dump. Part 3 of three part series. Part 1: Mush – Part 2: “Fashion” – Pink Face: Kelly Broich Roy: Eli Elliott Writer/Director:

Donald Trump will become president of the United States… FOREVER!!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s has inspired a pro and anti-Trump art movement of sorts. This is one of the funniest Trump videos we’ve found. It fits our Absurdist category and, make no mistake, Donald Trump is an Absurdist performer and operator. We see Trump more as an artist than a typical political candidate.

From Dangerous Minds: “Erickson’s vocals are as primal, soulful and manic as it gets. From the first “yeah” to a series of blood-curdling “ahhhhhs” and yowls of “not coming home,” Erickson sounds like a snake handler who has fallen into a psychedelic briar patch. If moonshine made a noise, this

Pervert Park follows the everyday lives of the sex offenders in the park as they struggle to reintegrate into society. Currently on film festival circuit.

‘Status Report’ 2009 Single channel video, color, sound. Written/directed: Brian Bress