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Experimental Filmmakers Now Turning to Instagram… (See Videos)

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Experimental and avant-garde filmmakers have always had trouble reaching larger audiences due to their work rejecting mainstream tastes and instead reaching for new creative frontiers that tend to confound the average viewer.

YouTube is a cesspool of garbage and throwing up an art video on that platform is akin to throwing a quality painting into a landfill and hoping somebody possessing artistic refinement finds it. Vimeo has largely been a home for experimental films, but the native traffic is scant making it hard for films to get exposure.

Enter Instagram, creating the right ecosystem for the subversive and strange with their tagging system (all videos have a chance to be found) and their max video length set at 60-seconds making even the most challenging films accessible to short-term attention span society.

We’ll add to the list of filmmakers as we find them, but two stand outs are Kelly Broich (Collapse Productions) and Eli Elliott.

Kelly Broich:

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Eli Elliott:

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