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From “Re’Search Wait’S comprises four movies: Ready, The Re’Search, Roamie View : History Enhancement, and Temp Stop. The setting of this other side of the Any Ever diptych is a complicated industry predicated on the supremacy of metaphysically evolved market research. The base commodities are personality traits; while ordinarily

Kevin McGarry writes, “Ryan Trecartin has established a singular video practice that in form and in function advances understandings of post-millennial technology, narrative and identity, and also propels these matters as expressive mediums. His work depicts worlds where consumer culture is amplified to absurd or nihilistic proportions and characters circuitously

Kenneth Anger- Lucifer Rising 1972 Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was completed in 1972 but was only widely distributed in 1980. Anger began filming around 1966, hiring a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil to act and compose the soundtrack. The film was abandoned

Director: Jennifer Reeves (1995, color 16mm, 5 minutes) From Exuberant rhythms are created for the eyes in this nostalgic study of the single film frame, through cutting, pasting, and painting clear and photographed film images. Fleeting shapes in lush, spattered color flicker and dance to big band beats.

Hare Krishna | EUA, 1966, 16 mm, 4 minutes. Directed by Jonas Mekas

Director: Joseph Cornell Music: John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Carol Emmanuel, Shanir Blumenkranz Year: 1942 Time: 8 mins

Should have bought an existing home. Starring: Brett Netson, Casey Broich Written by Kelly Broich, Brett Netson Screening inquiries: Shot in standard definition, Canon XL 2.

A short documentary about notorious filmmaker Owen Land (AKA George Landow) and his most recent film “Dialogues”. Interviews with cast and crew plus never-before-seen footage from the movie! Contains nudity-NSFW.

Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968, Joyce Wieland) “I can tell you that Wieland’s film holds. It may be about the best (or richest) political movie around. It’s all about rebels (enacted by real rats) and police (enacted by real cats). After long suffering under the cats, the