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“A piece on (wo)man and nature. Movements and matter. Through our various orifices; all as natural as the fields and wildlife around us, many of which perform the same actions. Instead the resulting clench faced, unwatchable nature of this video is proof we place our creature selves on a higher,

Religious debate breaks out on Venice Boardwalk. Filmed on Iphone 5s Shot & Edited by Kelly Broich

Walking around Boise, Idaho. Screening inquiries please contact us through Facebook:

Bad period day. Directed by Kara Baker Written by Kelly Broich Starring Katie Preston For screening info contact through Facebook:

…love, hate… …paranoid jealousy… …sick obsession… …based on Henri-Geoges Clouzot aborted movie “l’enfer”… video Nicotine video footage extracted from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s movie “l’enfer” music Le Réveil des Tropiques with the track “Jerusalem”