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Fresh Acconci (Paul McCarthy & Mike Kelley)

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Released in 1995 by collaborators Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley.

*contains nudity*

Artists McCarthy and Kelley re-stage classic 1970s performance pieces by Vito Acconci, with a decidedly ironic Southern California sensibility. States McCarthy: “[The piece] is a reference to art now, to a resurgence of the 1970s and an interest in youth in the art world. There are also references to Hollywood 8 movies and soft porn made in the Hollywood hills… In Fresh Acconci, the New York art scene is sandwiched with Hollywood. Two kinds of aesthetics overlap. The tape itself crosses lines of what is politically correct, exploitation and softening or obscuring the meaning.”

Based on Videotapes by Vito Acconci: “Claim Excerpts” (’71) “Contacts” (’71) “Focal Points” (’71)”Pryings” (’71) “Theme Song” (’73) Featuring: Nancy Paradis, Andre Paradis, Roosevelt Flenourg, Heather Kennedy. Directors: Paul McCarthy, Mike Kelley. Producers: Steve Cioffi, Scott Hopper. Director of Photography: Ken Marcus. Lighting Assistants: Leonard Kuperstein, Jeffrey Dean Zawitkoski. Steadicam Operator: Jerry Hill. Make-Up/Hair Stylist: Lee Garland. Technical Advisor: Norman Yonemoto. On-Line and Mix Facility: Pacific Ocean Post. Executive Producer: Tom Patchett

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