Donald Trump will become president of the United States… FOREVER!!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s has inspired a pro and anti-Trump art movement of sorts. This is one of the funniest Trump videos we’ve found. It fits our Absurdist category and, make no mistake, Donald Trump is an Absurdist performer and operator. We see Trump more as an artist than a typical political candidate.

From Dangerous Minds: “Erickson’s vocals are as primal, soulful and manic as it gets. From the first “yeah” to a series of blood-curdling “ahhhhhs” and yowls of “not coming home,” Erickson sounds like a snake handler who has fallen into a psychedelic briar patch. If moonshine made a noise, this

Pervert Park follows the everyday lives of the sex offenders in the park as they struggle to reintegrate into society. Currently on film festival circuit.

‘Status Report’ 2009 Single channel video, color, sound. Written/directed: Brian Bress  

Released in 1995 by collaborators Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley. *contains nudity* Artists McCarthy and Kelley re-stage classic 1970s performance pieces by Vito Acconci, with a decidedly ironic Southern California sensibility. States McCarthy: “[The piece] is a reference to art now, to a resurgence of the 1970s and an interest

Feature length documentary. Google ‘The Process Church of the Final Judgment’ and you will discover a long list of lurid conspiracy theories. The cult has been accused of being the inspiration for Charles Manson’s ‘crimes of the century’, influencing the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, and being the root of the

The official music video for Skrillex’s “Doompy Poomp” off the album Recess. Directed by Fleur & Manu and produced by DIVISION, in conjunction with The Creators Project.

Paul McCarthy: Destruction of the Body. A documentary by Jörg and Ralf Raino Jung (2001). More from this documentary: Featured works: Pinocchio — Heidi — Ma Bell — Painting face down: white line — Glass — Meat cake — Tubbing — Family tyranny — Fresh acconci — Saloon. Drawing on

*contains nudity* FADU (UBA), DIyS Diseño Audiovisual I, cátedra Campos-Trilnick Comisión Odriozola TP V – “Transposición”